iCloud Cakes: Wiz Khalifa’s Rumored New Boo Deelishis Responds To Her Azz-Nekkid Pics Hitting The Internet



Deelishis Responds To Her Private Pics Hitting The Internet

Towards the end of last year, a host of familiar Hollyweird faces reportedly fell victim to the now-infamous celebrity iCloud hacker and now well-endowed reality star Deelishis claims she is the latest on the list.

Amid “private” pics of her fully-unclothed body being plastered across the web earlier this week, Deelishis took to her Instagram page with this photo & caption as an initial response….


….before later following with this video, where she maintains that the pics were intended for Wiz one man’s eyes:


Deelishis also asserts that she didn’t leak her own pics, saying that if she were to leak any pics herself, she’d leak current ones to show off her recent breast augmentation.

At any rate, it is pretty convenient that her pics “happened” to hit the internet just as Wiz’s bald blonde banger ex Amber Rose released a…

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