When Did Hiphop Become Rap?

Talking Hip Hop


I was talking to one of my coworkers a couple of days ago about the “good ol’ days”. The days when Hiphop was something to actually be proud of. The days when Hiphop was movement, not a fast way to make some cash.

I didn’t grow up listening to what my friends was listening to at the time. Where I was from, the greatest rapper alive wasn’t Jay-Z,  it was Lil Wayne. I can remember being ridiculed for listening to Digable Planets on a daily basis.

Looking back on the “Golden Age” of Hiphop and looking at what Hiphop is now truly depresses me.

The question I often ask myself is when did Hiphop become Rap?

When I ask this question, I am asking when did people start considering real Hiphop the same as Rap? I don’t agree when I hear some people say that someone like Soulja Boy and…

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